Jazz Vox Blues

Piano Duet for Four Little Hands

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About Jazz Vox Blues (Sheet Music)

Composers: Jazz & Vox CH'NG
Description: Jazz Vox Blues is a piano duet for four little hands. This four hand music was composed by children for children. At no point in the music does any one hand need to stretch any more than a sixth on the keyboard (hence "four little hands"). As its title implies, this composition draws inspirations from the Jazz and Blues styles.
Proficiency Level: Intermediate
ABRSM Piano Grade 4 or 5
MTAC Piano CM Levels 4 to 6
Performance Run Time: About 3 min. 30 sec.
Publisher: BAWMAN CS
ISBN: 978-1-940440-01-9 (physical book)
978-1-940440-00-2 (eBook)

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