Open Stage Initiative

Come one, come all !
Go solo or come in ensemble.
Perform a prepared work or improvise on the spot.
Come play at our OPEN STAGE session.
There are only two requirements:
(1) The Piano must be involved in some way, and
(2) The Piano must NOT be damaged.
Participation is free.
Come play!

How to Participate?

  • Sign-up in advance: fill out and submit this Online Sign-up Form or send e-mail to with following information: your name, the title or opus number and the composer's name of the piece you want to play, and how long you expect the piece to last. Original compositions and improvisations also welcome.
  • Sign-up at the Recital: We will post sign-up sheet at the recital near the entrance.
  • If time permit, we may simply open up the stage at the end of the recital. Should that happen, we will announce open stage and ask for participants.
Due to timing constraint, we may not be able to accomodate every body, but we will try as best we can to let every body who wants to participate go on stage. If time runs out, we will more likely than not to give preference to those who signed-up early (though this is not guaranteed).

Why Open Stage?

  • First and foremost, we hope this will be fun and that it can be a motivation for other piano lovers to play and practise the piano.

  • For those who used to play: Of those who have learnt to play the piano while they were younger, too many stopped playing as they entered the work force and took on added responsibilities. (Some of us have also stopped playing at one point ourselves, but have since picked it back up.) If you are in a similar situation and wants to play the piano again, allow us to extend our encouragement by inviting you to play at our open stage session.

  • For music students preparing for their own recitals or performance examinations, the open stage can be a good place to rehearse and accumulate on-stage experiences.

  • For amateurs and enthusiasts who simply like to play and share their music but do not want the hassle of organizing a recital, or do not feel they have enough material to stage an independent recital, come play here.

  • For professional pianists/musicians who want to experiment with new music, new forms, new ideas but do not want to do so in their own professional recitals or concerts, you are welcome to experiment here. We won't tell.

Worrying about your skill level?

Don't be. We welcome musicians at all skill levels to play at the open stage session. This is not about how well you can play. The important thing is to enjoy and have fun playing. May be you can whip out Beethoven's Hammerklavier Sonata at a moment's notice, may be you are just beginning to master Chopsticks, as long as you have the passion to play, we would love to have you join us at the open stage session.

For More Information...

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Note: * Please do NOT damage the piano in any way. This is just common sense. You will be liable for any and all cost to repair or replace the piano if you damage it. Back to Home Page
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